OVI Charges

Traffic violations or OVI/DUI offenses


  • Charge : OVI/DUI
  • Charge : Driving under suspension
  • charge : Minor traffic violations

Aggressive Representation For OVI Charges And Traffic Offenses

For traffic violations or OVI/DUI offenses, court is not a place you want to be without an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. John Brooks Cameron & Associates has effectively defended OVI and traffic offenses for decades. We can offer you aggressive representation necessary to obtain the most favorable result possible to help you move forward with your life free of legal concern or fear. Your attorney remains accessible throughout the course of your case.

We handle all manner of traffic and impaired driving charges, including:

  1. OVI/DUI
  2. Driving under suspension
  3. Minor traffic violations

Call Attorney Christopher Jankowski at John Brooks Cameron & Associates at 330-722-8989, or contact us online, to learn how we can help protect your rights.